Frequently Asked Questions

Content Policies

I've seen some of my songs on RhythmVerse, are you distributing my content?

We are absolutely not hosting content, even more so from any author who hasn't specifically chosen to take advantage of the automatic upload to an external host. We only link to your content, we never take it to distribute it ourselves.
We don't take files and host them. We will always only link to the file you host on the platform of your choosing.
Absolutely not and this is something we specifically designed RhythmVerse NOT to do. We only index what is available on the Internet, we don't grab and republish (unless content creators who register with us choose that option). If your content must be downloaded from your Web site, we automatically link to YOUR download page so that players can then click and download directly from you.
We try our best to make sure we update external content but with tens of thousands of songs it's not always easy. If you want to keep your content always up to date on RhythmVerse you can register and take ownership of your work: it's free!
You can register with RhythmVerse: it's simple and free. If you come from an affiliated community, you can get your community token and use it take ownership of all your content in a couple of clicks. If your community is not affiliated, tell them to get on board! In the meantime though you can register with us and request ownership of your content: it comes with a couple of limitations to avoid scammers getting hold of other authors' content but you can still do pretty much everything and it's also quick to set up.
If your content is publicly available on the Internet, it will be indexed by search engines and other services, including RhythmVerse. You can remove it from public storage spaces and it won't be available anymore.

Content Creators

Is everything free? Do I really get everything for free if I sign up and you don't require any credit card?

We are not a commercial service, we do not accept payments and we will never ask for money to keep your account alive.
Content creators have access to their console, from which they can manage all their files. You can easily add content and as easily you can remove it if you want.
We do not allow sharing copyrighted gameplay data, as we explain in our copyright policy, but that's about it. Special cases might happen and they will be dealt on a case by case basis.
As a general rule you can. Some games however can apply different rules to further protect companies producing content for them.