Register your community to the RhythmVerse

If you release your content as a group you can organize it and grow a following:
here's what you can do by registering your group in the RhythmVerse.

A space created to showcase your work and your members

If you organize a content creation group/community, or if you who does, you can register and organize within the RhythmVerse. Once you join, your group gets a number of benefits to maximize visibility and organize releases. As content creators you can tag your releases as part of your group's production and players can easily find all you release in a single page. You can organize your group's hierachy, set preferences like your logo and your social links and you get a landing page where your latest content is displayed, along side your group's structure and your statistics.

COMING SOONYour followers will be able to sign up for instant notifications when you release more content and you will be able to organize events if you so wish, to get an even bigger following.

Let people find your content in a single page

All the content you release is tagged and playeres can easily find it with one click. And players can filter and search your content exactly like they would do any other content indexed within the RhythmVerse. Also, if you release content for different game formats, players can select which game they want to get content for.

Personalize everything

You can personalize everything in your group, from the name and link to your community's Web site and links to your social media accounts. You can set a background image and a logo for light and dark mode too.

Build your group with ease

You have full administrative powers and you can accept applications for your group on an author by author case or close them if your group is not open to additions. You can also grow a following: players can follow your group and you can keep track of your followers in your dashboard.

Get your own download page

Whenever a player downloads any content release by your group, they access a download page that is customized specifically for your group. You can set the background image, if you want one, and your logo, and every player downloading your content coming from anywhere (a link published on Discord, search engine, etc.) will know this content was released by your group.

Security guaranteed

Every edit made to your group's setting and to its personnel is tracked and versioned. If any member of the group you give administrative access to maliciously edits any setting or kicks or admits members unwarrantedly, we can recover the state of the group to before the issue happened.

All your releases are branded

Be it browsing for songs or in the details page, your group's logo is always displayed so that is't always clear which releases belong to you.

And even more is coming for you in 2024!