RhythmVerse Team

The RhythmVerse requires planning, development, testing, licensing, documentation, financing and much more.
These are people who make it all happen!
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  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Database Design
  • Financing
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    Content Acquisition
  • Content Acquisition Framework Development
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  • Integrated Modules

    The RhythmVerse relies on third party to make your experience as smooth and complete as possible.
    These are the modules we use, how we use them and who is behind them

    Joule is a modular rhythm game validation tool that reads multiple game formats and looks for authoring errors

    RhythmVerse integrates Joule to analyze .mid and .chart files to produce data for filtering options and statistical purposes. Joule will also be integrated to perform semi-automated quality checks

    Addy's Guitar Hero Toolkit

    Addy's GH Toolkit is a multi-purpose tool to create and edit game files for the Neversoft Guitar Hero games

    RhythmVerse integrates Addy's GH Toolkit to parse Guitar Hero World Tour: Definitive Edition files and extract all relevant metadata to simplify uploads for this format


    The RhythmVerse uses frameworks and third party commercial and non-commercial plug-ins.
    Here is a list of what we use to make the platform work
    Metronic 8

    Metronic is the most advanced Bootstrap based framework foundation to build Web apps, providing JavaScript libraries support, responsive layouts and templates. RhythmVerse's GUI is based on a heavily modified version of Metronic


    Vanguard is an advanced PHP login and user management based on Laravel which we use to handle logins and registrations